Even More Crowds at Kyoto’s Fushimi Inari

From the moment we arrived at Fushimi Inari and saw the Trip Advisor flags saying this is the place voted first by overseas travellers to Japan we knew it would be busy.


The temple itself is huge and the famous vermillion is everywhere at Fushimi Inari.


However it is the passageway made from thousands of red-orange tori gates that people come here to experience walking through.


Needless to say it is virtually impossible to have your photo taken alone at the start of the passageway.


So like the hundreds of other visitors we started our walk along. At least having some girls in kimonos made for a good backdrop to when I could actually take a reasonably uncrowded photo of Karen.


After a while we came to a place where the tori gates had separate but adjoining up and back sections. At the end of this section the crowd thinned out if you chose to continue, which we did.


At the end of the next section of tori gates there was an area of graves and small shrines.



From there the path was steps and quite steep, eventually leading to an excellent viewpoint of Kyoto. There were lots of little food and drink stalls here.


We did continue sharply upward for a while in reasonable solitude.


However as the light was definitely on the wane and we had quite a way to return we turned back. Near the bottom we passed a small pond


before descending some steps through one large tori gate on our way back to the train.


It was no surprise that Fushimi Inari’s vermillion tori passageway has made it the Trip Advisor number one visited place in Japan. It certainly was one of our favorites too. Next time we’ll go earlier in the day so we can walk the pilgrim trail there.


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