Lunch on Tokyo Opera City’s 53rd floor

The next morning we met our AirBnB host, Shiro. When we stay in apartments we don’t always meet our hosts unlike when we take a room at someone’s house, so it was nice to meet him. He was able to give us a few local tips for the neighbourhood which proved helpful during the rest of our stay but the best tip was where to take our son, Jay, for lunch for his birthday. Given Jay had been studying in Tokyo since September he already had quite a few dining experiences under his belt. Shiro told us that we could take advantage of Sunday lunch special offers at quite a few restaurants but the one that caught our attention was the Tokyo Opera City Building as it would present great views along with a lunch special.

We met Jay at Shinjuku station south entrance and walked from there. It took us about half an hour to walk but it was a pleasant day and a good way to build up an appetite. When we arrived we navigated our way to the elevators that went all the way up to the 53rd and 54th floors, which were comprised of several restaurants on each floor. After looking around Jay chose a tepanyaki steak restaurant, Yoshida. We had arrived early enough so yes we could have a table without a reservation. The waiter showed us to a window table. The views did not disappoint!


However the menu presented Karen and I with a problem. It was only in Japanese! We hadn’t paid attention outside the restaurant. We normally looked for the three magic words – ‘English menu available’. Quickly Jay informed us he would try to translate as best he could. However as it was not completely in hiragana or katakana, which he knows better, but kanji. (Jay is making his way through learning the over 50000 kanji still!) Fortunately there were only about ten lunch special listings. However about four of them he had no idea about. When the waiter came over for our order Jay chatted with him in Japanese. That impressed us. Sadly the waiter didn’t speak much English. So off he went. Soon he was back with a headset on. He then guided us through the menu. Clearly it was being translated to him over the headset before he was telling us what was available. Quite unusual, but we made our order successfully this way within a minute or so. Back to the view.


Jay was able to point out the Shinjuku-gyoen (Shinjuku gardens/park). That’s the green belt in the photo above. We had visited there with him two weeks earlier on our first visit to Tokyo.


Also we could see some of the tall towers in the distance.


Here is the original one, the Tokyo Tower. (See next post for more about this.)


By this time our lunches arrived. Delicious food! (This is Karen’s meal.)


The little burners enabled you to finish cooking your lunch to your liking.


We even managed a photo of the birthday boy!


The surprises continued when the bill arrived. It was cheaper for the three of us to eat Yoshida’s Sunday special than Karen and I to have dinner the night before.

Special note- Time sure goes by quickly. To my followers and other regular readers I am pleased to be back posting the final few days of our trip to Japan. After returning home from Japan we have been busy turning our ‘weed jungle’ back into a garden, preparing for Christmas and recovering from New Year’s Eve. Hope you have had an enjoyable festive season and I wish you all the best for 2017!

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