Shibuya’s famous dog, Hachiko

Tokyo’s Shibuya pedestrian crossing is famous in its own right. There is another notable place to visit in this area. Set off to one side is an old, green tram carriage.


It houses the Tourist Information Centre. When we went in for some location information we joined a queue as there was only one elderly man operating the centre. While we waited we noticed some photo boards on the wall. They detailed the amazing story of devotion of a dog named Hachiko.


Hachiko was born in 1923. He was bought as a pet in 1924 by Professor Hidesaburo Ueno. Every day Hachiko would arrive at Shibuya station to meet his master. This habit went on for about a year. Tragically the professor suffered a fatal cerebral haemorrhage at work one day and didn’t return. Hachiko did however return, day after day for the next nine years at the time the train was due to arrive. Hachiko attracted the attention of other commuters who over time fed him. After his death a statue was erected at Shibuya station but the metal was taken during WW2. In 1948 the present statue was erected and is a popular meeting place at the station. Such devotion couldn’t help but bring a tear to your eyes could it?

img_1522After finding out what we needed Karen and I decided to go and take a look at Hachiko’s statue. Not surprisingly about twenty other people were doing the same thing and in imitable fashion taking selfies or having someone photograph them. After waiting a short while Karen made her way to a good position and I snapped her and Hachiko. Karen is a dog lover from way back.

img_1524Photos duly taken, we moved on to do a quick bit of shopping before visiting our next attraction.

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