Tokyo Tower

Having been up the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building at night and then Tokyo Opera City Building during the day we had a pretty good idea of the cityscape from near Shinjuku. So before we left Tokyo we figured it would be good to have a different perspective so we took the subway over to the east of the city. After a short walk we arrived at the original cityscape viewing point for Tokyo- Tokyo Tower.


This was the first time we actually paid to go up for the view in Tokyo. After a quick elevator ride we were on the observation level taking in the views.




Like the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building there were helpful signboards informing visitors which buildings were in the line of sight.


From one side we could see out to where the river met the bay.


We were able to look directly down through some small windows too. The size of the cars below certainly gave us a bit of perspective on how high up we were.


img_1537After working our way around the whole observation deck we took the elevator back down. Needless to say it stopped at the souvenir shop level. Karen is a beekeeper and was quite intrigued by the honey in Tokyo Tower bottles


as well as the Tokyo Tower cookies.


After leaving the tower we were able to walk around at ground level and take a few more photos.


As we headed back to the subway station we were quite impressed with this building’s vertical garden built into the  facade.

img_1543Not as tall as Tokyo Tower but still impressive.

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