Moonrise at Tokyo’s Ueno Park

By the time we walked from Tokyo Tower to have a look at the National Art Centre Tokyo in Roppongi the afternoon was nearly over. However we still wanted to check out Ueno Park so onto the subway we jumped. On reaching Ueno Park the light was fading but it was still a lovely place to walk around. We made our way down to the lake. Well, on the map it appeared as a lake but in reality it was totally overgrown by waterlilies.


A few street food vendors were operating near a temple so we strolled that way towards the temple.


After walking around the temple it soon became evident that we were at the opposite edge of the park to where we had started so we turned back. By this time the moon was rising over the temple.


That was our cue to head back through the park. Even though we had never felt unsafe in Tokyo (or anywhere in Japan for that matter) we thought it time to return to the Ueno station. Along the way we came upon avenues of brilliantly lit trees. Even though we weren’t there in cherry blossom time the lovely pink fairy lights made a magical scene giving us an electrical version of cherry trees in blossom.


On to the train we jumped at Ueno station and made our way back to Shinjuku for our last meal in Tokyo.

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