Tokyo National Museum

After a month in Japan our time was nearly up. We had checked out of our apartment in Shibuya and travelled by train to Nippori where we had stored our luggage in luggage lockers ready to go to Narita airport at the end of the day. Now we were back in Ueno Park, where we had finished the day before. This time we intended on being indoors, not outdoors. We strolled through the gardens past school students at a fountain


and made our way up to the Tokyo National Museum. After paying and taking a few photos of the exterior of the buildings which comprise the museum



we stowed our daypacks and started to look around. The first display featured two small statues which were over a thousand years old.

dscn8687Being a tea drinker this display of teapots caught Karen’s eye


whereas the suits of armour from the middle ages appealed more to me.


Presumably this helmet was ceremonial rather than practical. The detail was certainly impressive.


Following on from there we came to a room with many costumes, some very decorative.


The next room featured artwork, most of a style we had long associated with Japan so it was interesting to see.


As we had begun to run out of time we took a shortcut back towards the entrance. Along the way this group of life size warriors stood out.


In our final room I liked this elephant carrying a pagoda on it’s back


and the wicked looking little characters shouldering a huge bowl also caught my eye.


Next time we are in Tokyo we will have to visit the other buildings that help comprise this wonderful museum.

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