Balcombe Estuary to The Briars Walk

Summer walking in our part of Australia presents a few problems for hikers – sunburn, dehydration and sometimes, snakes. So the walk from Balcombe Estuary to The Briars in Mt Martha is a good choice as large sections of the walk are shaded. This helps with the heat and becoming thirsty so you just have to keep alert for the rare snake sighting/encounter.


We parked at the carpark near where the estuary almost meets the bay.


The estuary is quite wide here.


There is even a reasonable sized landing from which people can fish.


At first the path was gravel.


Soon after it becomes a raised boardwalk. This helps walkers to keep their feet dry in times of overflow or flooding from the creek.


Being summer however this wasn’t a problem for us. However the actual creek did have a reasonable amount of water in it.


As we made our way along the boardwalk shade from the many trees protected us quite well from the warm sun.


The trail crossed the creek at one point.


About 45 minutes into the walk we came to a point where the trail took us beneath Nepean Highway, which was a good thing as it is a busy road most of the time.


From that point the trail was gravel again as we moved away from the Balcombe Creek and into the Briars Park surrounds.


Eventually we arrived at the Briars Park Visitor Centre.


It is well worth while visiting this interesting interpretation centre or perhaps going on a walk on one of the trails in the Briars Park or visiting one of the bird hides in the nearby wetlands area. On this occasion we continued our walk past the historic homestead which actually houses some items of furniture that belonged to Napoleon from when he was exiled on St Helena island. From the homestead it is a short stroll to Josephine’s, a lovely restaurant for lunch for we walkers or any other visitor.

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