Blogger’s Recognition Award


Thanks to Vanessa from Wanderlust Plus One for nominating me for a Blogger’s Recognition Award. I’m happy just writing about my travels usually but it is nice to post about an award. I have enjoyed reading about the adventures Vanessa and Chris have taken with their son Jerome, particularly about their trip to Japan which was at a similar time to when Karen and I were also travelling in Japan. You should check out her Japan posts as well as the current ones about travelling around Morocco.

The link is here – Wanderlustplusone

I will also be recommending others for the next round of the awards as below, and the rules for them accepting the award are as follows:

  1. Give thanks to the person who had nominated you and a link to their blog.
  2. Write a post to show your award.
  3. Briefly tell how you started blogging.
  4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  5. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award.
  6. Comment on the nominated blogs and let them know you have nominated them and give a link to the post you have created.

How I started blogging.

Back in 2013 when we were about to travel to Nepal and India quite a few of our relatives and friends suggested I should write a blog and add some photos to keep them up to date with our journey. Sadly the internet was quite unreliable at times but I finally managed to write about this trip. It was a better way to keep a journal of our trip than writing it by hand, that’s for sure.

India 2013

India 2013

As it has turned out not only my friends and relatives have enjoyed reading about our travels but many like minded travellers. This has in turn given me the chance to read about their many amazing trips. Now I blog about not only our adventures on trips overseas but trips, hikes and events we do here in Australia.

Two pieces of advice for new bloggers.

Make sure you add photos to your writing. Words are important but a picture truly can replace a thousand words.

Use size reduction software on photos so your blog doesn’t take a long time to load.

I nominate the following bloggers for the award:

1 Adventuress On The Run

2 Slovenian Girl Abroad

3 Central West Explorer

4 My Little Japan World

Les Photos de Suzanne & Pierre

6 Packing My Suitcase

7 Eoic Corners of the World

8 Travelling The World Solo

9 Japan Insider

10 Andy’s World Journeys

11 Alice vs the World

12 Jules and Verne

13 We’re the Travelers

14 The Nomads Project

15 Go Travel Global

If you are interested in travel and/or travel photography then each of these blogs has something different to offer. During the last few years as I have been writing about our travels I have had the pleasure to read of their travels. Sometimes because I have visited a location and their posts bring back memories and sometimes because they have written about places that Karen and I have on our ‘list’ and we have gained an extra insight into another amazing place in the world to travel to, see and experience for ourselves.

Nepal 2013


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