Rugged Cape Schanck

There are so many options of things to see and do here on the Mornington Peninsula. So when Karen’s cousins from Germany visited us it was hard to make a decision on what to show them. However summer crowds narrowed the choices somewhat. Normally I would start with somewhere in the Point Nepean National Park but in the end we decided to go to Cape Schanck thinking it may be a bit less busy. How wrong can you be? We had to queue up to enter the carpark area.


After fruitlessly driving around twice hoping someone would be leaving and providing us with a parking place I dropped off my passengers and drove back out and up the road, joining a number of other parked cars. Once I had walked back and joined the others we looked at the information boards which detail things to see, walks, flora and fauna and of course information about the lighthouse.


In the end we decided to walk down towards the point of Cape Schanck. At first it was a gravel path through the bush. We had occasional views of the coastline as we strolled along.


Mostly the bush was a mass of green but the beautiful whiteness of melaleucas in flower provided a welcome change.


After a while we came to a viewing point. It provided us with views along the rocky coast towards Flinders.


Not long after we had our first glimpse of the tip of Cape Schanck.


When the gravel path changed to a boardwalk we were within reach of the end of Cape Schanck.


Downwards we walked. A large landing area gave us a good position for a photo opportunity.


The boardwalk continued down


with great views to the right.


From there it continued around


and you had views to the left of the end of Cape Schanck.


On our return back up the staired boardwalk we took a different path back to the carpark. This way we had excellent views of the coast and the lighthouse. The rocks below would certainly be a deathtrap for vessels sailing along the coast without the lighthouse there to warn them.


Even though tours of the lighthouse are available our empty stomachs were letting us know it was lunchtime so we headed back home for a summer barbecue lunch.




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