Kangaroo spotting at Seawinds

In nearby Arthurs Seat there are many things to see and do. Most of them have you dipping into your wallet. They are generally good value time and money wise. However it is a pleasant change when you can have an experience that costs nothing other than your time. Such is the case if you visit Seawinds Gardens at dawn or dusk. It is almost guaranteed that you will see some of the resident kangaroos. Whenever we have international visitors we head there to show them the kangaroos. Recently our son’s girlfriend was visiting from the States so off we drove one late afternoon.

It didn’t take long to spot a couple.

After creeping up quietly to gain a closer look we noticed one of the kangaroos had an extra pair of hands!

This clearly needed closer inspection as it meant she was carrying a joey. However as we crept closer the kangaroos became somewhat nervous and hopped away a bit. We followed discreetly and our persistence was rewarded. The joey poked out its head from its mother’s pouch.

Our overseas guest was besotted.

Such a shame you can’t tuck a joey into your suitcase!

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