Lake Jindabyne

After conquering Mt Kosciusko the day before we took a more leisurely approach and headed to Jindabyne the next day. It’s less than an hour’s drive from Thredbo. The lake was created as part of the Snowy Mountains hydro-electricity scheme so the town one visits now is Jindabyne re-incarnated. As we descended to the town a great view beckoned for a good overall look at the lake.

After entering the town we spotted the sign for the Tourist Information Centre so we parked near the edge of the lake

and went inside. Lots of books and souvenirs plus plenty of information on history, walks and nature. Sadly we had to pay for a National Parks pass. Quite a rip off in New South Wales. In our state, Victoria, entry is free as the government has taken responsibility for the running of the State and National parks. It certainly encourages people to visit the parks more I think.

After a while in the Tourist Information Centre, making a purchase of some yummy Snowy Mountain honey, we headed back to the lake. As there was a path around the shore we decided to take a walk along it.

Along the way we managed to spot a few wildflowers in the finishing stages of their flowering period. Not sure what they were.

Part way along we came to an impressive statue of famous Polish explorer, Pauel (Paul) Strezlecki,  who explored this area and named Mt Kosciusko. Victoria’s Strezlecki Ranges are named in his honour.

The peacefulness of our walk was broken by the sound of a motor at one point. Fishing on Lake Jindabyne is a popular past-time.

After a while longer we decided to return back to our car as there was a sameness about the surrounding scenery. If we ever decided to leave the beach and move to the country perhaps this house hidden in the trees would be a good option. Certainly a beautiful location for a ‘tree change’.

We hoped the scenery might be a bit different a bit further around the lake so when we returned to our car we drove a few kilometres back to the west. Near a yabby farm we found a lovely picnic spot, parked and sat by the lake at a picnic table and ate the goodies we had purchased back in Jindabyne.

During lunch we discussed the merits of driving further around the lake but decided it would be better to return to Thredbo as there seemed to be a far wider range of walk options there. More about our next walk soon.

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