Thredbo Riverside Walk

After a day in Thredbo back in our Autumn break we quickly worked out we hadn’t allowed enough time there to do all the beautiful walks. However one afternoon we had a few spare hours to walk along the Riverside Walk which follows the Thredbo River for a while then passes around the golf course and back into the town. Its an easy two hour walk and that allows for people like me stopping to take photos.

There are a couple of ways to reach the start. We came over a road bridge but this foot bridge gives walkers access also.

As you can see from the next two photos the river is quite peaceful at this time of the year but in spring it would clearly be a bigger, stronger flowing stream.

At first we were on a gravel path but soon it became a more established boardwalk.

It was a very quiet afternoon and we only ran into a couple of other walkers along the way. This allowed us to see some of the birdlife, including one of our favourites, the crimson rosella. This one wasn’t very obliging at keeping still or facing me while I photographed it.

Once again the best time for wildflowers had passed but we did manage to see a couple of nice specimens.

This spiky Hakea certainly had plenty of seeds ready for collection.

After a while we left the river and continued around the edge of the golf course. (Must pack the golf clubs next time.)

From time to time we passed small streams that were headed down in the direction of the river.

We headed away from the golf course at one point and looking back we had a lovely view of the surrounding hills.

Another thing that we loved was the fantastic peeling bark on some of the eucalypts – wonderful colours too.

Near the end of the walk we came past the golf course again.

I really must take my golf clubs next time we go to Thredbo and we definitely need to allow more time for some of the lovely walks in this area.

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