Mark’s Memory Lane – Brampton Island

Later on this year we intend to travel overseas again but in the meantime I thought I’d take another trip back down memory lane. As we have hit another wedding anniversary I thought I’d write about a previous one. Even though it wasn’t overseas our interstate trip to Brampton Island for our 20th wedding anniversary was memorable. Leaving wintry Melbourne we flew up to Mackay. From there we transferred to the port area

and took the fast boat over to Brampton Island. A champagne on the way the ideal introduction to a wonderful week on an island paradise.

It didn’t take too long to settle in – a welcome tropical drink and and swim helped us feel right at home in our accommodation for the next week.

One advantage over most of the other Whitsunday islands that Brampton has is that it is child free. This made it a peaceful place to stay. Relaxing by the pool was a good starting point.

That doesn’t mean there is nothing to do. Far from it. Our days were spent in a variety of ways. We enjoy hiking so we did a number of walks, some around the island, which allowed us to spend time on seemingly private beaches

some leading up to viewpoints of the island.

A nine golf course was a lovely bonus and the after game drink a good way to make new friends.

Snorkelling off the beach was excellent and even more so at low tide when the area between Brampton and neighbouring Carlisle Island created a ‘fishbowl’ for snorkelers.

One day we took a sailing lesson in a catamaran. In the afternoon we took one out for an independent sail. The breeze soon had us flying across the water away from the island. It took quite a while for we novices to make our way back to shore, eventually with some advice from another more experienced sailor also staying on Brampton.

Another day we joined a ranger for a trip across to Carlisle Island for a walk through the paperbark forest.

Evenings were lovely. Meeting other guests at the pool for sunset drinks was very enjoyable.

Every night there was a sensational sunset.

Al fresco dining was fun too.

Given that all meals were included mealtimes were always fun, although occasionally some of the cheeky locals did intrude at times.

Our week passed very quickly and soon it was time for last drinks

before taking the boat back to Mackay

for our flight home.

PS Happy 33rd anniversary Karen!

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