You can tell when winter is coming to an end when the wattles are in bloom.

Over on the eastern side of the Mornington Peninsula abutting the small town of Somers you can find Coolart, a small park, mansion homestead and wetlands under the care of Parks Victoria.

On arrival you can’t help but notice the very grand mansion. In recent years it has been partially renovated inside but there is still work to be done. Irrespective it is worth taking a look both downstairs and upstairs.

On a fine day the garden beckons to be explored too

as do the outhouse buildings which give an insight into how things were in the original days of Coolart.

Wandering further we came to a sign

indicating where to go to the lagoon and the bird-hide. During late winter and early spring the lagoon is a busy place with lots of nesting birds.

Taking the path back towards the mansion and the gardens a hint of spring was again noticeable with the first daffodil showing through.

If the weather had been a little warmer lunch at one of the picnic tables may have enticed us but the warmth of the bakery cafe at nearby Balnarring tempted us more. It’s a pleasant walk around Coolart, something I’d recommend  when you visit the Mornington Peninsula.

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