A Springtime Walk Through Eaton’s Cutting

Usually we move at a good pace when we are walking in the bush.

However walking through Eaton’s Cutting at Red Hill in Springtime should be done at a much slower pace as there is much to see for the discerning eye. On our walk we saw an amazing array of flora – spring wildflowers and orchids, but we also had the luck to chance upon this lizard too.

It didn’t stay still for very long so we moved on too.

Bursts of colour soon appeared along the way. I think this is Rough Bush-pea (Pultenaea scabra).

There were even a few remnants of wattle flowering.

Sadly I don’t know the names of most of the wildflowers but I am happy with my efforts using the macro feature on my Nikon. The first one is Pamela humilis, Common Rice-flower.

(If you happen to identify some of the others feel free to comment so I can add in the extra information.)

Hibbertia acicuaris.

A Melaleuca

A Leptospermum.

A Prostanthera, possibly lasianthos

It may not have been flowering but this tree was equally impressive for its gnarly bark.

Some trees made a sculptural effect with their branches.

Some sections had a good lower storey covering of native grasses.

Much as the wildflowers are impressive at this time of the year it was the orchids that impressed more. You certainly need a keen eye as many are quite tiny and they only appear after the ideal and rain and sun conditions.


I am really pleased with my final photo. Yes the orchids are wonderful but look carefully and you will see a tiny red spider.

So this spring head out into the bush for a slow walk. It doesn’t have to be Eaton’s Cutting – which I do highly recommend – it can be anywhere. You’ll be amazed at what there is to see on closer inspection.

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