Dubai stopover

It had been quite rushed organising our trip to Spain after recovering from my cancer hurdle earlier in the year but it was great to be on the way. Flying out at night on QF9 helped. Once a very late dinner was over we aimed to sleep as much as possible. Karen was soon out to it and after using a shortish movie to tire me out I was pushing out a few zzz’s as well. I awoke to find Karen asking me what time it was and we were pleasantly surprised that ten of the fourteen hours had elapsed. Between eating, drinking and another movie the time past, although it did seem to go torturously slowly.

On arrival in Dubai at 7:00 their time we soon had our luggage and were into a taxi. Just as well it was early as it was already 32 degrees. We had chosen to break the journey to Barcelona and were staying at the Novotel in Deira City, which is only about 5-10 minutes from the airport depending on traffic conditions. Fortunately we had made a 24 hour booking which meant when we arrived at 8:30 there was a room ready for us. A shower to freshen up followed by a morning nap and we were ready to head out for lunch. The Deira City Mall was right opposite. It is one of the more established malls in Dubai. Leaving the hotel for the short walk meant being confronted by the now midday 40 degrees wall of heat!

Soon we entered the mall and found that it was almost too cold, such was the air conditioning. We had a light lunch in one of the food courts before looking around the massive Carrefour store and some other shops. After a while our energy levels flagged so we headed back to the hotel for our afternoon nap. The late afternoon call to prayer from a nearby mosque

brought us out of our snoozing state just in time to return for dinner in one of the many restaurants at Deira City Mall. This time we took a warmer top to beat the aircon. We ate at a middle eastern restaurant named Hatam – delicious platter of chicken cooked three ways and rice. Back to our room on the 9th floor for a movie on cable TV. By midnight we felt our bodies were attuned to local time so we slept again. The dawn call to prayer disturbed us briefly but it wasn’t until 8:00 we arose and headed to the restaurant for a delicious buffet breakfast. I just love a five course breakfast!

Sadly we had to vacate our room but went for a walk in the area. We found the local mosque and minarets nearby. The attention to detail in decorative design was impressive.

After our walk we lounged about in the lobby,

reading, resting and using the free wifi until it was time to take a taxi back out to the airport. Barcelona here we come!

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