The Amazing Dali Theatre Museum in Figueres.

Our time in Figueres started with sunshine and an equally warm welcome from our AirBnB hostess, Rosa, who was able to give us great local information. Her lovely apartment was near the station and within walking distance of everything.  After settling in we walked into the old town and just as we reached the Dali Theatre Museum

it started to rain so in we scampered. Plan of the museum in hand, off we went. The central courtyard was startling from all angles. The attention to detail impressive.

Seeing some of Dali’s famous paintings up close was really amazing. They certainly lived up to expectations.

Portrait Of Pablo Picasso In The 21st Century

Soft Self Portrait With Grilled Bacon

When we reached the main theatre hall we couldn’t help but be impressed by the massive painting on the wall.

Other works including this self portrait, entitled Self Portrait Splitting Into Three.

and this one of him and partner Gala were amazingly detailed. Here he has painted himself and partner Gala looking into a mirror, looking into a mirror.

The work on the ceiling of one of the last rooms we visited was huge. It was well worth sitting down on one of the chairs provided and tilting our necks to take in all the detail.

Sadly the rain had intensified whilst we were inside. Here’s a photo of the entry courtyard I took from under the cover of a nearby shop.

Even with coats on we ended up absolutely soaked by the time we reached our apartment but it had been a memorable afternoon seeing the best of Dali’s amazing works. I’ll finish with a few photos of Dali himself, his renowned moustache a feature.


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