Another sunny day so off to the Costa Brava we headed on a bus. Our main destination was Cadaqués. Our journey of just over an hour saw us pass through a number of other Costa Brava resort towns before we arrived. The helpful girl in the Tourist Information Centre soon had marked on a map the location of Salvador Dali’s house, about a kilometre through the town and up over the hill to nearby Portlligat, as well as a walk through the town and along the coast towards the Calanans lighthouse. On our way out I stopped for a photo with the man himself!

We walked around the beachfront and up over the hill towards Portlligat. From the top of the hill you could spot Dali’s house.

Down on the beach at Portlligat it appeared even bigger.

Especially when compared with other buildings.

It was obviously a quiet place and you suspect Dali would have enjoyed the peacefulness of the little bay.

We returned up and over the hill towards Cadaqués but at one point couldn’t help but feel we were being watched.

Once we were back in the town we found the bakery and stopped for morning tea. The mural on their wall was impressive.

Next we walked around along the promenade to the southern edge of the town where we enjoyed excellent views back to the town showing just how picturesque it was set into the hilly terrain.

Not long after we took a detour to where a small island was joined to the mainland by a stone bridge.

Detour complete we headed off towards the Calanans lighthouse. It was a very steady climb. We stopped for photo opportunities a couple of times.

It was uphill for some time before we plateaued out. Looking to the north we could see the Cap de Creus lighthouse.

Not long after the Calanans lighthouse came into view we found a seat under one of the rare shady trees and ate our picnic lunch.

The path continued over rocky ground

sometimes revealing steep rocky ravines

leading down to the turquoise water below.

As time began to run out we decided not to go right to the lighthouse. Our return walk along the same route in reverse allowed us the chance to spot some of the better houses. You couldn’t help but notice the amount of work required to build the stone walls.

Returning to Cadaqués a bit quicker than expected allowed us time to sit at one of the many beachfront bars and enjoy a cool drink.

As our bus departed Cadaqués and climbed steeply up the hill we had one last look down at the lovely whitewashed houses. Our day on the Costa Brava had been a beauty.

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