San Sebastián -Day 1

After leaving Barcelona when it was still dark it was wonderful to arrive in San Sebastián with enough daylight to still be able to do a quick exploration of not only Gros, where we were staying, but also the old town. Many quick impressions came to us. Firstly San Sebastián is a city with many grand buildings. Secondly it is well organised for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers to all be catered for. (We quickly learnt to look when crossing cyclist lanes!) Thirdly it is a city which loves socialising, eating and drinking. (More about that later in this and my next post.)

Coming from the station to the Tourist Information kiosk we could sense former days of grandeur with the statues on the bridge

and the architecture of some of the buildings along the river.

It didn’t take long to work out why accommodation had been so scarce. We had arrived during the last days of the San Sebastián Film Festival!

Our accommodation in Gros was near the surf beach, Zurriola.

However the promenade along the beach quickly brought us to the modern facility used as one of the festival venues.

Just over the bridge was the Victoria Eugenia Theatre in all its magnificence. One of a number of other festival venues.

From there we took a quick walk through the old town with its many old buildings, Tapas Bars and touristy shops.

After a while we began to tire. Our long day of train travel was taking its toll. So back to our room we went for a rest. We decided to stay in the Gros area to eat that night. However we received quite a shock. Just about every bar and restaurant we passed was jam packed with many clients spilling out into the street with a drink in one hand and a plate of tapas in the other. After about half an hour of walking the streets we discovered a number of restaurants actually had stair entries leading down so we took a chance at one. We shared a delicious salad, some sensational mushroom ravioli, a melt in your mouth Spanish potato omelette and lovely mini crepes filled with crab meat. My description doesn’t do anything like justice to describe how delicious the plates were and sadly we hadn’t carried a camera or iPad so I can’t even show you. All I can say is Bodegón Usarbi at C. San Francisco 12 is well worth a visit!

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