San Sebastián – Day 2

We started our second day in San Sebastián with breakfast at a cafe on a nearby square. The hot chocolate was so thick the spoon just about stood up on its own. Breakfast finished we walked along Zurriola promenade into the old town. We followed a suggested walk of the old town on a brochure we had collected from the Tourist Information Centre previously. The narrow streets are so different to anything in our home town. Through the streets to the Plaza Mayor.

More walking then we went inside St Vincent’s. The altar and the stained glass windows were quite beautiful.

Along another street and then we walked up some stairs near the local history museum to the trails leading to the top of Mt Urgull. About halfway up we came to a small fortress wall which allowed for great views.

We continued up the sealed steep paths.

Eventually coming to the top where the statue of Christ overlooked the town and bay.

There was an interesting little museum up there. If we had been able to read Spanish it would have been even better! In the theatrette they were showing a movie about San Sebastián and events held during the year. Really well done. After taking more panoramic photos we headed halfway down and ate our lunch with a view of the La Concha beach and the old town below.

We even had an uninvited, but cute, guest join us.

After our picnic was over we headed down to La Concha promenade past the Town Hall.

We joined in the throng of walkers taking the promenade.

We ended up walking all the way to the second beach, Ondaretta beach. From here the Island in the middle of the bay, Santa Klara Isla, appeared to separate itself from the mainland. Having walked that far we continued all the way around beneath Mt Igueldo and on to the Wind Comb sculptures, an art installation on the rocks below the mountain. (More about them in an upcoming post.) Sadly they were in shadow but still interesting.

Next came the long walk all the way back. The pavilion cafes and restaurants a feature of bygone days are still open in some cases.

Finally back to our apartment room, tired with hot feet. We rested for a while before returning to the old town in search of the renowned Tapas and pintxos. After a bit of a look around we came to a street full of Tapas bars. We picked out one with a fabulous bar display of pintxos just waiting to be eaten.

Named Bardulia Taberna, it was busy but not full so in we went.  A very friendly helpful bartender explained things to us in English. Later saw him do the same in Japanese! (Pictured pouring a beer.)

You picked what you wanted and put it on a plate. Before eating you showed him and paid. Back in Barcelona everything had been toothpicked and they just counted the toothpicks. Here some things had toothpicks and many didn’t, hence the variation in payment system. Karen and I shared the colourful plate in the next photo.

After that we walked around old town. The Tapas bars were full to overflowing. Many just eating and drinking in the adjoining street if they couldn’t secure a table or place on the bar. At one point we passed one of the cinemas hosting films for the San Sebastián Film Festival.

From the old town we made our way over the bridge

and back to Gros and home to bed. It had been a long day of walking and a fun evening.

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