San Sebastián – Day 3

Next day we awoke to the sound of rain! We grabbed one of the umbrellas in the rack at the apartment and headed out to a nearby cafe for breakfast. As the rain was not giving up we returned to the apartment and stayed in our room, rested and updated our social media,  Late morning when the rain began to ease we went out for a walk. Started along the surf beach. When we crossed over the bridge to the old town stopped to watch waves at the mouth of the river. They were certainly crashing in on the breakwater more than the previous two days.

From there we made our way into the old town, where we bought lunch from a lovely bakery. We strolled along until we came to La Concha where we sat and ate picnic style beneath some trees with falling leaves.

After that we looked around some of the shops and walked through a lovely garden.

Next we walked around the central part of the town. You could tell autumn is here from the changing colours as we approached the cathedral.

The Cathedral was locked so we continued walking around looking at

some of San Sebastián’s other grand old buildings.

Palacio de Justicia

Even though it was a grey day we walked a section of the promenade along La Concha

before returning to our apartment for a rest before dinner which we ate at La Tagliatelle Italian restaurant in Gros.

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