When our train to Salamanca turned into a bus.

Our time in San Sebastián had come to an end so off we went on the train. Our trip was to be in two parts. The first train would take us to Palencia and from there we would take another train to Salamanca. Things we were going well for an hour or so. Our train began to slow down in the middle of the countryside, a burning smell wafted through and the next thing we know the train has stopped. The conductor came throughout and made an announcement, of which we understood very little. The general gist was that it would take a while for things to be repaired. A few nearby passengers were chatting in English so we joined in, discussing the problem and also our travel plans. After about forty minutes it was announced that we would arrive in Palencia forty minutes late, no surprise there. This meant our connecting train would be well and truly gone. Rumbling conversations could be heard throughout our carriage. Clearly we weren’t on our own. Finally we reached Palencia and along with about sixteen others were shown to an awaiting bus. (The next train to Salamanca would be leaving in about five hours time!)

Off we set.

Through Palencia and onto the freeway went the bus. However after about half an hour the bus left the freeway and headed to La Medina. It turned out some of the passengers wanted to go there.

Having dropped them off we made our way through the countryside, passing field after field of vines.

Some of the massive mansions were an indicator that there is money to be made in the wine business in Spain!


We continued through a number of villages and small towns.

Eventually we ended up back on the freeway. Soon enough the exit to Salamanca came into view.

The bus dropped us all off at the train station. From there we had a short walk to our hotel on the edge of the old town. Our friendly man on reception gave us a map, circled things and explained things to us in Spanish ( we got the general idea of what he was showing us.) and off we went to Salamanca’s amazing square, the Plaza Mayor. By this point we were ready for our pre dinner drink.

We had arrived in Salamanca but our journey certainly hadn’t been as we’d planned it.

More of our first evening in Salamanca in my next post.

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