Sensational Salamanca

After sitting in the totally photo worthy, magnificent Plaza Mayor, resplendent in fading sunlight for a well earnt drink

we walked around Salamanca’s old town and its beautiful old buildings. The university towers (middle of this next photo) were very impressive. The ‘shell house’ on its right here is also a Salamanca landmark.

Continuing to wander we came to the San Esteban church next.

As the light faded away and street lights came on and buildings appeared floodlit

we made our way back towards the Plaza Mayor area which has many restaurants. We ate at a restaurant in Rua Mayor – very touristy street near Plaza Mayor but our restaurant turned out to be a really good choice due to having a friendly waiter who spoke good English. Karen ate tuna salad and I tried three Tapas- octopus, slow cooked beef cheek and mixed croquettes, all good.

At the end of the street we noticed a ham store still doing business. The eating of ham (jambon) is a real obsession here in Spain.

Back in the Plaza Mayor you couldn’t help but be blown away. Under floodlighting it was even more magnificent than during the day. A helpful young student obliged and took our photo and I think you’ll agree she did a good job.

Our first full day in Salamanca was a busy one. We started by visiting the University building again and passed by the very busy House of Shells (La Concha). Heaps of tourist groups to avoid!

We continued strolling and passed the Cathedral

and university buildings opposite

Passing out the bottom of the old town we walked over an old bridge to get a city/cathedral view.

From there we crossed back over the river and up to La Concha. It is actually a library building nowadays. By now the sun had moved around and the shells on the walls were casting long shadows.

Next we did a circumnavigation around both cathedrals.

After lunch back near the Plaza Mayor we made our way down to the cathedrals via
The Palacio de La Salina,

which we were also able to check out inside,

and passed the Clavero Tower.

You tour both Cathedrals as a joint package with audio guide. The dome is magnificent

and the wood carving in the choir just lovely.

At times use of ornate gilding seemed a bit over the top, such as in the Golden Chapel.

The transition to the older original cathedral enabled us to see this extremely old mural.

However the standout was the altar. (Yes it is gilded.)

Exiting from the cathedral we noticed how hot it had become so we headed to the Huerto (gardens) of Calixto and Melibea near the lower city walls. A relaxing cool place.

By this stage we were tired so we walked up the left side of the old city to the church of San Marco with its circular interior  

then back to our hotel for a rest. Again we ate dinner in a street, (with a bit of a slope,) near the Plaza Mayor. Karen ate a lovely Brie salad and I ate a seafood risotto.

We strolled through the Plaza Mayor and back to our hotel via San Marco church. At the main intersection at the top of the old city we came upon a fountain changing colour every minute or so. Quite lovely.

Extra note- We loved the pedestrian light man and the way intersections are timed here too.


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