Rising to New Heights in Salamanca

Whilst reading up on things to do in Salamanca we discovered that the University tower was free on Tuesdays. So who were we to look a gift horse in the mouth. After breakfast was over it was only a short walk down through the old town to the University tower. Yes it was free and what’s more we had a great view of the building interior on way up

as well as a look at an excellent model of the university complex.

After climbing over 150 steps we made it to the main level – awesome views over the city, cathedrals,

Plaza Mayor,

the street below

and of course the university building dome

and towers.

After moving around to take in the view in all directions we headed up a smaller wooden tower to reach one of the actual bell towers.

Apart from being closer to the bells

can’t really say the views improved noticeably but they were pretty good.

After making our way down we walked around to the university cloister- Patio sin Salida.

Next we passed by La Purísima church.

Lunch of two drinks and some Tapas to share was taken in a small cafe in the university quarter for €4! Despite this photo appearing to show only a liquid lunch there really was food on the plate!

Having seen San Esteban’s on our first evening in Salamanca we decided to return for another look but arrived at 13:50 to find it closes for the siesta from 14:00 until 17:00!

The stoning of St Stephen.

Ah well, you can’t see everything. However we did see storks nests on top of the bell tower there.

We wandered around a bit more then made our way back to our hotel for a rest and a catch up on our iPads. Later on we walked back into the old town centre and ate at Cafeteria Casino near Plaza Mayor. Had some fellow Aussies on the next table so had a chat whilst eating our meals – a fun end to a wonderful day.

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