Madrid, day 2.

We were blessed with another fine, sunny day in Madrid. Even though Madrid has many galleries and museums the weather dictated that we should start the day in one of their other beautiful assets, Buen Retiro park. Given the weather we walked from our apartment. We walked through the area around Plaza Tirso de Molina as we went. It’s flower sellers made it a more pleasant environment.

Along the way we were briefly sidetracked by the chance to have morning tea of churros and chocolate sauce. Our mascot, Woolleegreen Sheep, was very attracted to the huge jars in the cafe’s front window.

Buen Retiro park was also massive in its own way. as we entered the gardens it was lovely to see a colourful display of begonias. Flowers aren’t what you expect in Autumn necessarily.

Another feature was the beautiful topiary on the nearby shrubs and trees.

Wide avenues lined with deciduous trees losing their leaves led us further to the middle of the gardens.

Water fountains could be found at many of the intersecting paths.

However a standout was the lake with many young couples rowing around. Reminded us the lake at Versailles.

Dotted around the gardens you could find snack and ice cream stalls. Near the lake there were a number of cafes and restaurants and even a jazz quartet busking. It made for a lovely atmosphere. After walking around the lake we exited the gardens and passed the Puerta de Alcalá (a Grand Monument to the Spanish Monarchs),

Fuente (fountain) de Cibeles,

on our way to the Prado. We had decided to try again for the free entry time between 18:00 and 20:00. This time we arrived early enough to join the queue very close to the front.

The Prado doesn’t allow photography inside. Probably a good thing, though many of their attendants still had to caution snap happy people. We spent most of the allocated two hours browsing the enormous collection which includes some of the works of El Greco, not in the El Greco gallery in Toledo. We also focused on the works of Raphael, Rembrandt, Bosch, Titian, Rubens, Goya and Velazquez. However after while we found it hard to concentrate. We’d had a long day of walking around Madrid making us quite tired so we decided to head back to our apartment. Although I have no photos to share of a memorable couple of hours to finish our second day in Madrid at least I can share a photo of my entry ticket. We even saw this painting in amongst the thousands in the Prado’s collection.

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