On our third day in Madrid we decided to do a day trip to Segovia by train. After breakfast we walked through a fleamarket in La Latina area near our apartment on the way to the Metro. Took the Metro up to Chamartin station where we boarded a fast train to Segovia. On our arrival we discovered the fast train stopped at a station in the middle of nowhere. We also found out that there were only two buses heading to various places in Segovia and they didn’t hold all the day-trippers from the train. So we ended up in a large group waiting for the next bus in 45 minutes time or the odd taxi that came to the station. I even went in to the Tourist Info Centre at the station and they rang for some taxis but the next bus came before they did. Once our bus reached the edge of town the drawcard Roman aqueduct was clearly obvious.

However after looking around we decided to join the steady flow of pedestrians going into town. Using the map I had been given back at the train station Info Centre we soon found the cathedral. Several groups of tourists were gathered outside the cathedral.

From there we made our way through the historic old town

to the Alcazar at the far end of the main street.

The Alcazar’s pointy towers reminded us of the towers on the castle at Carcassonne in France.

We decided to eat our picnic lunch in the gardens at the Alcazar. After lunch we followed the wall

and some narrow lanes

until we came to one of the old town gates.

From there we walked through the old Jewish quarter

before making our way back to the giant aqueduct.

This time we made our way up the stairs to the town wall overlooking the aqueduct. I think you’ll agree the views were pretty good.

Beer in the afternoon while waiting for bus.

Our trip back to Madrid was on another very fast AVE train (250km/ph).

You could stay in Segovia but given the crowds we were happy to have made it a day trip.

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