Sunday in Bogotá

We had seen the enthusiasm of Bogotá’s cyclists the day before but we noticed Sunday was every bit as busy as we walked around Usaquen. We had enjoyed brunch with Laura’s family at a lovely restaurant. I had been surprised to see ‘Australian breakfast’ on the menu. And yes it included the inevitable smashed avocado with eggs, bacon and mushrooms on sour dough toast. So the Aussie penchant for smashed avo has made it as far as Bogotá!

Sunday also seemed to be a day for gathering in the park with friends.We even noticed a band playing on the other side of the park.There was lots going on as we made our way to the regular Sunday market with Laura and Lee as our guides.Many of the stalls were selling clothes

and accessoriesbut there were also a fair number selling beautiful handmade local crafts,paintings and brightly coloured souvenirs.Eventually we came to a familiar location, the French restaurant just down the road from the apartment we were staying in.So we headed back there for a rest after a busy time.

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