But wait, there’s more to Villa de Leyva

The next morning we headed downstairs for breakfast and were very pleased with ourselves. Our hostess showed us to a table and proceeded to ask us in Spanish what we wanted for breakfast. Fortunately we were starting to learn the Spanish words for things like orange juice, tea and eggs in Spanish, even if at first ‘huevos’ threw us, in the back blocks of my brain I recalled it was eggs and said ‘si’. Not long after Lee and Laura came down and joined us. Breakfast finished, Laura asked if it was okay for us to explore a bit more and just leave our bags in their office area and our hostess agreed. So off we walked back towards the town. This time we headed out down one of the streets leading away from the Plaza Mayor and the touristy parts of town to have a look at the side streets. The houses here were mostly the same white with high walls along the street edge. The gates and doors on many of the houses were quite impressive.This door knocker took our eye.After a while we came to a small square which actually had grass and trees unlike the Plaza Mayor with its totally stone surface.From there we made our way back to the Plaza Mayor and past El Chipa, the restaurant we had eaten lunch in the day before.We continued our walk down some more backstreets, passing a monasterybefore noticing the time. So we headed back into the town centre. Outside one of the many souvenir shops we observed this hard working guard dog.It was typical of the generally relaxed atmosphere we had come to enjoy about this lovely colonial town. By now we had to start finding somewhere to eat before our long drive back to Bogotá. You couldn’t help but love the patio garden restaurants.We eventually decided on this one where we ate an early lunchbefore walking back to our hotel, Hotel Villa Palva. After collecting our luggage and thanking our hostess we were soon heading out into the countryside on our way back to Bogotá. The sunny weather made it a pleasure to drive through the hillsand towns along the way.One thing I was interested to see were the water tanks atop the farmhouses we passed as we drove along.I must confess to dozing off after a while as the sun coming through the windscreens made for a really relaxing afternoon so I don’t have any more photos of the journey before we arrived back in Bogotá. Laura dropped Karen, Lee and I off at our next accommodation, a backpackers in Usaquen, the same area we had been previously, a good thing as we didn’t need to familiarise ourselves with a new area and we were able to go out for dinner at a nearby restaurant before retiring to sleep ahead of another interesting day ahead.

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