Bogotá Graffiti Walking Tour

Our final few days in Bogotá gave us a chance to investigate a few more aspects of this huge city. Firstly our son Lee suggested doing a walking tour to see and gain a better understanding of the street art scene. So we joined an organised walking tour. Much as we are not happy to see tagging back home in Melbourne there were quite a few examples of this in Bogotá too.But like Melbourne there is much more to the street art scene in Bogotá than tagging as our guide was proud to point out as we made our way through the streets and lanes of the inner city suburbs.From the works with an indigenous flavour to 3D artand commissioned art work on building facades which not only gave character but discouraged mindless tagging.The level of creativity was impressive.The stairs and walls of this inner city park had been changed from ugly concrete to a place of beauty.We discovered that a man had disapproved of his son being involved in graffitiing but in time had now become a street artist to show the style of art from his culture.The range of styles of art on display was huge. Our guide was keen to point out that young female artists were now more activeand that renowned artists from other countries had painted pieces here in Bogotá. This is an older one from Australian artist, Crisp.As we walked we came upon an area we recognised and there was the French restaurant we had eaten lunch at previously. What we hadn’t taken enough notice of was the magnificent lion mural on their entrance wall.The apartment building above had this bird on its wall.This piece was created by a large cooperative of street artists, Animalez. Note that the cat’s eye has been painted twice, once on the wall behind and again on the lamp-post in front.Not all the art was just creative, this wall at the end of the tour had a political message.Finally, as we came away from the tour we saw this piece, several versions of which are seen in other cities around the world, but I couldn’t resist having my photo taken there.Having completed the tour we certainly had a greater appreciation for street art that enhances a location but still don’t like to see mindless tagging on people’s properties. Certainly in Bogotá a number of businesses have commissioned street artists to paint murals on their facades to prevent this problem and it seems to work as people respect the creativity of the artists.

If you are in Bogotá ever it is well worth doing this graffiti walking tour. I believe similar tours run in our city, Melbourne.

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