Golf at Los Lagunas, Bogotá

Even though I am an avid golfer it is always hard to fit in a game whilst travelling overseas. However the opportunity to play in Bogotá was offered by Laura’s sister’s boyfriend Pablo, who is fortunate enough to be a member at the Los Lagunas Club. It helped that he was in a break from his studies and really loving his golf. It also helped there were spare sets of golf clubs at his disposal. One problem could have been the high altitude but we were well accustomed to it by now so it wasn’t a problem.It was a lovely day and we arrived early for our afternoon booking so we headed to the driving range to warm up.

After about half an hour we headed over to the first tee and met our caddies. Non members need to be accompanied by a caddy. For Lee and I this was a bit of a bonus as we didn’t know the course and a caddy meant we didn’t have to carry or wheel our clubs. As you can see from the next photo the course is lush and well treed.The first hole was a par 5 and I was pretty pleased to bogey it.Sadly the next couple fo holes were not so good for me as I managed to send my drives into the rough under the trees and wasted a few shots. Lee and Pablo also had trouble on the second but managed pars or bogeys on the next two holes.By the fifth I was finding the fairway better although Lee found a green side bunker.On the par 5 sixth we all had chances to par but ended up with bogeys. The following three holes I played into a bunker on each hole so my caddy was having a few jokes with me suggesting my favourite club was the sand wedge. After nine holes Lee was comfortably in front of Pablo and I – so much for local knowledge. On the back nine we had a mix of good and bad holes. Daylight ended up beating us so we only managed 14 holes. Lee was still well ahead of Pablo and I on the scorecard. Sadly I never made par on any hole but had a lot of fun. Here I am with my caddy. He is a student most days but earns good money being a caddy in his spare time.The next shot is Lee with his caddy and mine – yes they were twins so nice for one of my twins, Lee, to have a twin caddying for him.After cleaning up we headed into the clubrooms for some drinks and tapas style plates, Columbian style. Very nice. Thanks to Pablo for arranging only my second game of golf overseas. The previous time was back in 2015 in Fiji.

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