Granada – Day 2, The Cathedral

We started the day with breakfast at the cafe attached to Pension Landázuri, just up the road from Pension Austria. We knew that we would need to allow a few hours in the Generalife palace and gardens before our appointed time of 14:30 at the Nasrid palaces and gardens so this allowed us time to check out the area around the Cathedral and the cathedral itself during the morning. Approaching from Calle Gran Via de Colón it wasn’t immediately apparent where the front entrance to the cathedral was, but eventually we followed a crowd down a narrow street to a plaza from which we could easily see the front.

The entry fee included use of an audioguide. The side naves were supported by massive cream pillars.

The pillars in the main nave were quite elaborately decorated.

Here’s a close up shot of the altar area.

The pipe organ was similarly ornately decorated.

Some of the artwork in the small chapels were even more so. You wonder whether the money couldn’t be better spent in charitable causes the catholic church supports.

After wandering around for a while we started to look for an exit door. Clearly this wasn’t it.

The ornate craftsmanship continued outside on the tops of these pillars.

Try as we might we couldn’t find a good view of the dome atop the cathedral as all the streets and buildings were built so closely to the cathedral.

From the cathedral we returned to the Plaza Nueva area and popped into a small shop making sandwiches. We purchased a few items and headed off up the hilly Cuesta de Gomérez to the main entry to the Alhambra.

More about that in my next post.

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