Granada – Day 2, The Alhambra

Arriving at the main entry to the Alhambra in plenty of time we stopped at a seat with a view of Albaicin’s Mirador San Nicolásand ate some of the food we had purchased, for an early lunch, before heading off into the beautiful Generalife gardens.

Hedging had been used to create garden rooms

and windows to other parts of the Alhambra.

The use of water in ponds and fountains was a big feature and the sound of running water helped create a peaceful environment even though there were many tourists wandering around. Occasionally we nearly had a section of the garden to ourselves.

Archways and windows continued to provide lovely views to other parts of the Alhambraand over to nearby Albaicin.

At one point we had a bird’s eye view of a section of the garden below us. Looking was encouraged but generally touching was not. Although from time to time you could touch models.After completing a thorough exploration of the gardens we made our way past the stunning rose gardens of the Palacio de Abencerrajes

In the courtyard near the entry to the Nasrid Palaces we sat and ate the rest of our lunch whilst waiting for 14:30 to come around. As the time approached we could see people queueing so we joined the end of the queue.

After our group was admitted we entered quite a dark room which had a view out to Albaicin.

It wasn’t until my eyes adjusted to the light and I looked up that I could see the amazing detail in the wall of the room.

The detail in the stonework and the tiles were quite impressive

as was the detailed pattern in the metal door we came to soon after.

Similar to the Generalife section, water was a feature. Just loved the reflections.

Sadly the cloistered area we came to next was undergoing renovation work.

Well kept patio gardens could be seen as we made our way along.

At one point we had an excellent view to Mirador San Nicolás where we had been the previous night.

Another pond offered another opportunity for a wonderful reflection.

Our tour of the Nasrid Palaces and gardens ended via another garden

where the roses were again a feature. By now we were tiring so we found a seat and sat down for a drink. Then we made our way down to the entry to the Alcazaba fortress. It had been a feature of this hilly area since the 13th century. Given it is no longer used as a fortification it shouldn’t have been a surprise that it would be a bit sparse.

But to be honest it was really underwhelming compared to what we had seen in the Generalife and Nasrid Palaces and gardens. What was impressive however were the views to Granada below and the surrounding countryside.Coming back down we passed through yet another beautiful garden on our way out.

At the end of the walk back down the road to our room at Pension Austria we were more than happy to take a rest after a fantastic day.

Duly rested we headed out to dinner at the well recommended Ruta Carmeliana restaurant. Luckily there was still a table outdoors. With the advice of a charming and helpful waiter we ordered three plates to share but struggled to finish them due to their generous serving size.

Re-energised and rested I was able to convince Karen to return to Mirador San Nicolás to try and shoot some better night photos of the Alhambra than the night before. I had a small tripod which I would take. This time we were a bit more confident and used some of the narrower streets in Albaicin to cut down the walking distance.

Without a full sized tripod it’s hard to tell if they are better photos but I was all the happier for at least trying and the view was sensational even if the photos aren’t.

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