Another walk in Spain’s Alpujarra

It was our last day in Capileira but as our bus wouldn’t leave until late afternoon we had enough time to do another hike. Again we made sure we had a good selection from the lovely buffet breakfast before packing up. We left our luggage with reception, making sure we kept out a change of clothes as it was a warm day and we would need to change after our walk. We headed through the town again to the north. Along the way we passed a number of houses with water fountains. This one even had the cute little chimney you see on the houses in this area.Initially we followed the same trail we had taken the previous morning but at a branch in the trail we took the path descending towards the bottom of the valley.After some time we sighted the bridge that would allow us to walk on the other side of the valley.As we crossed the bridge we stopped for some photos including a photo of ourselves. I set the camera on timer mode and rested it on one of the bridge’s pillars to take it.

After crossing the bridge we ascended quite quickly again. Now we began to see signs to another bridge.

Intriguingly at this sign we were a little surprised to know we had only walked 1.5kms from Capileira even though it seemed like we had been walking quite a while.Soon after we came to an open clearing and could see both Bubión and Pampaneira in the distance.

Some time later we spotted Capileira across the valley and above us.

About twenty minutes later we came to a gate across the path. The English translation made us laugh. It didn’t seem like we had been ‘cruising’ (croosing) along the trail at all. At least we were now descending again.Shortly after we came to the bridge which we duly crossed.Of course the path was now steeply uphill again but fortunately soon levelled out a bit.Soon we came to another split in the trail. We could continue on to Bubión or Pampaneira or take another path directly back to Capileira. The only issue being that it was sharply uphill to start with and difficult to determine what lay ahead.Anyhow we decided to take it. We could hear water as we made our ascent and eventually could see a small stream.

It was very peaceful but the walk continued uphill. I was more than happy at different points to stop for a breather. As we cleared the heavier treed area we had another good view back down to both Bubión and Pampaneira in the distance.

The steep climb continued. Half an hour later I was happy as we came into the south of Capileira. It had been a very strenuous short cut. Overall we thought we had saved some time not going via Bubión even if that would have been a gentler walk. Back at the hotel we freshened up in the bathroom and changed into clean gear before having a late lunch in one of the cafes. To complete our recovery we rested back on the hotel lobby sofas. Later in the afternoon we caught the bus back down the valley. As we approached Pampaneira I took this last photo looking back up to Bubión and Capileira.Along the way I also spotted this restaurant for sale. Not sure that enough passing trade would make it a good venture.Our bus driver was very quick on the accelerator and heavy footed on the brakes as we approached the bends in the road on our way down firstly to Órgivaand eventually Granada, arriving on dusk at Granada’s main bus station somewhat nauseous and happy to take in some fresh air out of the bus. We took the bus to the cathedral area and from there we eventually found our way to our hotel, Carmen Real del Realejo, which was a lovely boutique hotel (up a hill). Our room was certainly a bit swisher than our previous accommodation in Granada. Obviously what you pay for is what you get and its all part of working to a budget as you travel around. We ate at a nice restaurant within quick walking distance before crashing into our very comfortable bed for a well earned sleep. It had been quite a day.

One thought on “Another walk in Spain’s Alpujarra

  1. Thanks Mark It highlights some of the harsh rocky terrain in this part of Spain. Why are the villages all white…perhaps it reflects the harsh Spanish summer sun. BM

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