Córdoba, day 1

Waking from an excellent sleep we could appreciate the view over this part of Granada from our window.

Our balcony is the top left.

The wall in the landing area just outside our room was decorated in typical style.We enjoyed a lovely buffet breakfast before checking out. Our helpful receptionist had lined us up with another guest, Caroline from Luxembourg, to share a taxi to the bus station. Here is a shot of the entry lobby, beautifully tiled.We had to walk back down the steps we had climbed the night before to meet our taxi. After saying goodbye to Caroline we purchased some food for the journey which would take us over lunchtime. From the main bus station we took another Alsa bus to Córdoba, a journey of just over two and a half hours, passing white hilltop villagesand rural land. We were pleased to note on our arrival that the bus and train station were near each other, which would be helpful after our stay in Córdoba when we would be taking the train to Sevilla. After about a ten minute walk through the Victoria gardens in the middle of two main roads we reached our hotel, NH Cordoba Califa. We had chosen it because of its location partway between the train station and the old part of Córdoba. Once we had checked into our room we headed into the old part of Córdoba. The buildings were constructed with sandstone. This was the impressive entry to the congress and exhibition building.We passed down Calle Torrijos along the side of the wall to the Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba. The bell tower was even more imposing rising high above the walls of the Mezquita-Catedral.

From there we continued towards the river, passing through the bridge gate, Triunfo de San Rafael.where we could see the Roman bridge.We joined the crowd and walked across the bridge as far as the tower. Coming back towards the old town we had an excellent view of the Mezquita-Catedral.

Back in the old town we continued to walk around the perimeter of the Mezquita-Catedral’s wall. The design of each of the gates was quite intricate.As a pedestrian you did have to be wary of the touristy horse drawn carriages when crossing the narrow streets.

At one stage we noticed a worker emptying the garbage bins. I was intrigued that he could multi task, both working and taking his smoko break at the same time.Córdoba is well known for its beautiful patio gardens. Some are well hidden behind gates

whilst others are open to view or even converted into patio garden cafes and restaurants.

Having been on our feet for a few hours we began to tire so we returned to our hotel for a rest before heading out for a late dinner. This part of Spain is renowned for late eating so we were probably early eating at 9pm at Capitoné Tapas Bar, although there were quite a few drinking and watching the soccer on the TV screens.

2 thoughts on “Córdoba, day 1

  1. Very interesting pics. Córdoba is well worth a visit on a Spanish itinerary. If you are there in May it is well worth visiting the weekly fair, just out of town.


    • Thanks for the feedback Brendan. We were there in October so quite different to when you visited in May. Still very hot weather. It was well worth going. Our sister in law recommended including it on our itinerary. Cheers, Mark


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