Córdoba, day 2

Our second day in Córdoba began with a quick breakfast in a cafe just down the street from our hotel, named Omundo de Alicia. Nice food but the service was very slow. Perhaps they had had a big Saturday night. After that we did some catching up on our washing before walking over to the Victoria gardens for a walkand a look at their Sunday market.The temperature was well into the 30s by the time lunchtime arrived. We took a short walk over to a minimart and purchased some food for lunch which we ate back in our hotel room. An afternoon nap followed. In the late afternoon we walked back in to the old part of Córdoba. Karen was happy to see this display of different varieties of tea.Although she was less impressed when we arrived at a nearby tea cafe to find it closed.So we ended up exploring more of the area around the walls of the Mezquita-Catedralsome of which was in the shade, making walking less energy sapping.Along the way we stumbled upon some more of the lovely patio gardens with their wrought iron gates.

One of which was a restaurant, so we took note of its location so we could go back for dinner that evening. It was Campos de Toro at Calle Céspedes, 6. It had a lovely ambience.The food was delicious. Apparently the chef has his own TV show. I especially liked the cold soup I started with, a traditional favourite called Salmorejo.The restaurant was certainly one we would highly recommend.

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