Sevilla – Day 1

Our train arrived in Sevilla around lunch time so we grabbed something to eat from one of the food stands before heading out of the station and walking down to the Apartamento Buhairo building. After a while we realised the lady standing at the entry was the owner of the apartment we had booked online. Introductions made, she showed us up to the apartment and familiarised us with everything. She even had maps and restaurant recommendations. It was a spacious apartment with everything we would need and was near a supermarket and in-between the station and the old town, Santa Cruz, area. Once our orientation was over we walked into historic Santa Cruz. There were some beautiful apartments

and a maze of cobbled narrow lanes to navigate through as we made our way to the Alcazar.

Even though it was reasonably late in the day there was still a queue at the main gate. So we would definitely have to make an early start the next day when we planned on visiting so we wouldn’t waste too much time queueing. The opposite side of the plaza we could see the massive Catedral de Sevilla. We decided to do a quick walk around it. Just about every side gave us another photo worthy view.The bell-tower was every bit as impressive as the one we had seen in Córdoba.

By this stage of our trip we were ‘all cathedral-led out’ so we opted to not go in but continued our orientation walk around the area. There were heaps of lovely little cafes, restaurants, bodegas and patio gardens to see. I was quite taken with the lovely tiles at this bodega. Next we passed the little church of Santa María la Blanca with its lovely facade.By this time we were thirsty so we stopped at a little bar and had a drink. From there we made our way back towards our apartment. The tile work on this bridge near the fire station caught our eye. We continued on to the supermarket near our apartment where we bought a few supplies. As we had a kitchen for the first time in a while we thought it would be a good idea to cook for ourselves and save a bit of money. We planned to go out and treat ourselves the following night. It also meant we could take an early night and be up early for an exciting day ahead.



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