Sevilla – Day 2 – The Real Alcázar

Arriving before opening time we only had to queue a short time and we were soon into Sevilla’s amazing Alcázar. After we made our way past a small garden with a large tree

we came to a high archway

that led into a large courtyard area.

We headed to the right so we could reach a balcony that offered good views without the crowd (well, apart from the painter on the scaffolding.)After returning downstairs we entered the door in the centre that took us into a beautiful patio garden.Back inside the next building we couldn’t help but be impressed by the attention to detail and the wonderful workmanship.It was even more exquisite as we looked up.
As we moved around the other thing that caught our eye was the patterned tiling.Even though we could move around most areas there was the occasional closed gate.The next hall we came to

housed some massive tapestries.After passing some small water features

we eventually came to a fabulous water garden. As we walked by we had to be careful of the fountains spraying on us due to a slight breeze.

We could see quite a few people wandering along the Gallery of the Grottoesque at the top of the wall but decided to continue walking through the garden with the intention of returning later in the hope it wouldn’t be so crowded. Orange trees seemed to be a feature, as was the tile work.All this exploring had made us hungry so we moved out into a more open part of the gardens in search of somewhere to sit.We found some seats near a small fountain and pond in which several ducks were wading. This one probably thought we may have fed it something but it was out of luck.After lunch we continued to wander through the gardens.Lots of ponds were a feature.Tiles in the paths were an ever present feature too.After doing a loop of the Garden of the Poets we returned to head upstairs to enjoy the views from the Gallery of the Grottoesque from above. This is the Pavilion of Charles V.Upon our descent we felt we had seen everything possible so we made our way through the garden past some huge pottery vases with the Real Alcázar emblem on themand yet another fountain. Sadly many of the fountains weren’t in operation and this was the case with this one. You could imagine the serenity of this garden courtyard on a hot day though. After finding the main gate we headed out to explore some more of Sevilla well satisfied with our visit to the fabulous Alcázar. More about that next time.


If you are reading this during the festive season, Happy Christmas.

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