Sevilla – Day 2 – But wait, there’s more!

After leaving the Alcázar we walked through the Plaza del Triunfo towards the river. Nearby we couldn’t help but see the imposing Toro del Oro.

After following the river for a short distance we came to the Puerta la Jerez with a lovely fountain with a sculpture of a woman reclining across the top.Next we passed the San Telmo Palace.Sadly we sensed the sky darkening so we started to move quicker but unfortunately ended up in the middle of a downpour before we could reach shelter near the gaudy local information centre building.Once the rain ceased we moved quickly to our intended next place of interest, the Plaza de España. Coming from the river side we came up an avenue through the middle of Parque de Maria Luisa. However we had to be careful as it seemed to be heavily used by horse and carriage drivers ferrying tourists around Sevilla.

The Plaza de España was built back in 1928 for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929. It has a central fountainand a crescent shaped palace building as the backdrop.In between the palace and the central plaza is a canal, measuring just over 500m, with four bridges crossing over it at intervals to the palace. It is also possible to hire a boat to row on the canal.Each end of the palace is bookended by an enormous tower.On closer inspection we discovered that decorating the lower wall of the palace, beneath a gallery you can walk along, is a collection of beautifully tiled artworks representing each of the provinces in Spain in alphabetical order. After having a good look around we exited to the north, passing the exclusive Hotel Alfonso XIII (well out of our budget range!) on our way back to Santa Cruz. Here we explored a bit, looking for a patio garden cafe in which we could sit and have a drink. Finally found a lovely little one which initially we had all to ourselves.Thirst quenched, we made our way back to our apartment for a shower, change of clothes and a rest before heading back into Santa Cruz for dinner. Our hostess had recommended a few restaurants, one of which, Casa Tomate Bar Tapas, was also a tip from Lonely Planet. It certainly didn’t disappoint. The wait staff were friendly and helpful. We ordered a selection of tapas which were delicious.We chatted with a Canadian couple on the table next door to us and enjoyed the lively atmospherebefore walking back to our apartment, well pleased with a wonderful day in Sevilla.

As I ready myself to publish this post it is a new year, a new decade. I wish anyone reading this happy, safe and peaceful travels.

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