After breakfast we headed back through town towards the famous bridge over the gorge. Having explored on the west side of the ‘New’ bridge (Puente Neuvo) the previous afternoon we headed down through the Cuenca gardens (Jardines de Cuenca) towards the ‘Old’ bridge (Puente Viejo). From the old bridge we could see yet another small bridge crossing the Guadalevin river to the east and the surrounding countryside.To the west and upwards we had a good view of the new bridge and the viewpoint (Mirador), which was very crowded.Leaving this side of the canyon we made our way back up and crossed over the new bridge. This brought us into the old part of town. Our first stop was the town hall.After exploring the surrounding streets we continued down the main road, reaching Puerta de Almocábar after a short time. We walked down below its walls and out of the town into the countryside. The road was small cobbles and not that comfortable to walk on.The town was certainly built on a highpoint.At one point we were passed by cyclists but they stopped soon after and loaded their gear into a blue van.The sun was quite warm so we were happy to see the new bridge come into view. At this time of the day the sun was beginning to shine on it and there were very few shadows.Soon we came to an area where we could leave the road and walk up towards the bridge to have a better view.As I was snapping away a car drove up and stopped. Several people disembarked to take a look. One of the guys kindly offered to photograph us.We could see another viewpoint much higher up above us but clearly you couldn’t reach it from here. We figured there must be a way there from the old town. We retraced our steps and after a bit of a look around ate lunch in a cafe. When we came back to the bridge we looked below. We could see where people were going to the viewpoint we had seen from below earlier. We headed down to it. The last part was clearly an unofficial track but we thought it was worth going down. The view of the arched bridges excellent, although as it had become cloudy shadows effected it.Quite a few others were taking photos so I listened a while. There were lots of Spanish people. When I finally heard an English accent I asked the man if he would kindly take a photo for us. He obliged and I reciprocated, taking one of him and his family.The clouds kept moving so after persisting I managed to take these photos when the light conditions were pretty good.

Well satisfied and quite tired from all the walking we headed back over the bridge to rest a bit in our room at Hotel san Franciso. That night we headed out to dinner a bit away from the touristy part of town. When I asked our helpful receptionist where would she eat if she went out she told us Gastrobar Camelot, which was about a 5-6 minute walk north of the hotel. Unlike the locals we couldn’t wait until after 9pm to eat. This turned out to be good as even though Gastrobar Camelot was certainly popular with locals we still managed to get two seats on stools at a small table. The food was excellent, the waiter was friendly and it seemed a fun place to eat. We decided to take a last look at the Puente Neuvo and the floodlit scene didn’t disappoint.On our return walk to the hotel we enjoyed the lively restaurant scene and the displays in the windows. Ronda is a must see if you are travelling in Andalucia, not only for the famous Puente Neuvo and the El Tayo Canyon but also the excellent food scene.

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