Lake Pehoé – Condor’s Lookout Walk

After a good sleep-in we headed over to the dining room at Hosteria Pehoé for a leisurely breakfast. The view from the dining room window was spectacular.Once breakfast was over we headed outside into the grounds surrounding the buildings.To take in the view even better we ventured back out along the pier that joined the hotel to the mainland.The mountain views here were just stunning.Again the wind was quite strong and to the west we even had small waves crashing on the rocks at the edge of the island the hotel sat on.We returned to the hotel lounge area and relaxed for a while just reading. However after four days of walking we soon became restless so we asked the guy on reception if there were any good, shorts walks in the area. He pointed out the front window and told us if we were really keen we could try the walk to the top of the hill/mountain opposite up to the Condor’s Lookout (Mirador Condor). However he did say it was quite windy. We replied we were used to the wind but he emphasised it really was windy up there but that the view was well worth the effort. We grabbed our coats and walking poles and set off down the pier back to the mainland and along the lake’s edge

to the carpark. The walk started on the opposite side of the road. The walk started with a sharp incline and we were quickly above the hotel.Atmospheric views to the west could be had.We continued to climb rapidly up along the trail which was quite narrow.It was really rugged, but beautiful, terrain.Most of the vegetation was low growing. Due to a bushfire several years ago the only trees we could see were dead ones. Looking at them it was no surprise to see the direction of their growth had been greatly influenced by the wind which at times we scarcely noticed and at other times it was so strong we really had trouble moving forwards. As time went by we could see our accommodation below us diminishing in size as we ascended.The mountains in the background however remained just as imposing from a distance.After about half an hour of strenuous walking we reached a bit of a plateau and could see this lake, made grey by the gloomy clouds, to the east.The trail continued to wind through the landscape,at stages giving us impressive views of the lake and mountains.However after a few extremely intensive periods of strong winds just about blowing us off the trail Karen declared she had seen enough and felt quite unsafe. We were about two thirds of the way up I guess. I agreed it certainly was dodgy, so we started our descent. In more sheltered parts we could enjoy the views again.As we came to the final point just above the carpark area we were again exposed to strong winds. Looking at Karen it’s hard to tell, but the grasses and the direction of the branches on the dead trees give you the idea.The cobwebs had certainly been blown away and even if we hadn’t made it quite to the top it had been a well worth while experience.

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