Return to Puerto Natales from Torres Del Paine

Our last day in Torres Del Paine was a day in two parts. Firstly we had the morning to eat a leisurely breakfast followed by time to explore the small island in Lake Pehoé that the hotel sat on. Secondly was the bus trip back to Puerto Natales. After having eaten all our meals for the previous couple of days in the main dining room at Hosteria Pehoé we couldn’t help but notice the beautiful wood carvings on the back of the chairs. Here’s a couple of photos for you to see for yourselves.We made sure we had a few layers of clothes on before we followed the circuit walk around the island. Starting at the back of the main building the trail rose steeply at first.As you can see from this selfie it was windy as usual.You really had to work as you walked into the wind.A couple of times we thought it might begin to rain but we were fortunate to avoid it as the wind kept the clouds moving over us.At one point the back of the island was bathed in a glimpse of sunlight between the clouds, changing the colour of the water to a lovely turquoise.This was clearly the ‘money shot’.

Having completed our walk we headed back to our room and packed up our gear. To fill in time we read for a while. Around 13:00 we checked out and carried our packs down to the roadside. Irrespective of which bus company you had a ticket with the local custom was to pick up passengers at each of the hotels and take them to the next major stop. There are three major stops in Torres Del Paine National Park. After a while a bus arrived and it stopped as we flagged it down. Then at Pudeto we disembarked and took a seat on our Buses Gomez bus. (left side of this photo)Once the catamaran arrived from Paine Grande Refugio passengers came onto the various buses.Whilst waiting I popped off for one last photo opportunity. It’s amazing the difference a bit of sunlight can make (or not make in this instance) to the colour of the water.The trip down to the main National Park Office didn’t take long. We managed to spot some local wildlife as we drove along.At the office a few more passengers joined each of the buses.I also managed one last snap of the Torres in the distance from the bus.As we sped along towards Puerto Natales the mountains receded from view.Our time trekking in Torres Del Paine National Park had been a wonderful experience, one Karen and I can’t recommend highly enough to you if you are fit enough to do it.

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