Puerto Natales

On arrival at the bus station in Puerto Natales we grabbed our backpacks from the luggage hold and began the walk to our pre-booked accommodation, a backpackers named the Singing Lamb which was in a quiet location a bit away from the main town. We checked into a self contained double room and after a shower and a rest went for dinner. The Singing Lamb own a restaurant bar just opposite so we were lazy and just went there rather than walk into town.

After breakfast the next morning we walked into town. It was our intention to just spend the day looking around Puerto Natales. It’s about a kilometre into town from the Singing Lamb but it gave us a chance to pass some typical houses. Most didn’t have gardens and the front doors opened straight onto the streetfront.

This house was clearly someone wealthier as they had a larger house with a fence and a garden.One of the first sights of interest we spotted was this multi panelled mural (sponsored by Rotary) depicting rural life in the area.Next we made our way down to the wharf area on the fjord. Actually I should say former wharf area. The new wharf is further out of town now. We could see various mountain ranges in the distance.Along the foreshore we could see a few sculptures.We looked in a few nearby outdoor clothing shops before making our way back up one of the main streets. Here we chanced upon the Municipal Historic Museum. For a small fee we were able to browse the exhibits, both older and more modern and learn of the indigenous origins of the area and the history since Europeans came. Next we passed another mural. This one had about a dozen sections and showed the historic life of the indigenous peoples. Here are a few panels –It was interesting to see how life changed after horses came with the Europeans.By this time we started looking for a cafe to eat lunch. We settled on one called El Living. Fortunately for us English was spoken here. After lunch we made our way to a local travel agent and booked a trip out into the fjord for the following day which would take us to two glaciers and culminate with a lunch and a visit to a ranch. (More about that next post.)

Back at our accommodation I took Karen’s photo with the Singing Lamb. Those who know her will know why.

One thought on “Puerto Natales

  1. Karen’s travelling Mr Woolly lamb would have been a good pair for the singing lamb..Good luck with new country # 65 on Friday. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the posts😀.


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